dkPassword: | browser plugin is a convenient, secure, and fast way to store our passwords in one place and quickly access them when needed. | Digitalkey

dkPassword - browser plugin wich is a convient, secure, and fast way to store our passwords in one place and quickly access them when needed.

Manage Your Passwords Easily with the dkPassword Browser Extension

With the dkPassword browser extension, you can manage your passwords uniformly and even use it as a bookmark. The extension can store the passwords used on websites with the user's approval, and upon revisiting the website, it automatically fills in the username and password for you. Passwords are securely managed with a master password, ensuring that unauthorized persons cannot access your passwords, whether within the extension or in storage.

Why Choose the dkPassword Extension?

  1. Unified Password Management: Store all your passwords in one place.
  2. Automatic Filling: Quick and easy login to your favorite websites.
  3. Master Password Protection: High-level security ensuring that only you can access your passwords.
  4. Search Functionality: Easily search through saved passwords and URLs.
  5. Direct Navigation: Navigate directly to saved websites from the extension.

Compatibility and Future Plans

Currently, the dkPassword extension operates on Windows operating systems and is compatible with Chrome, Firefox, and Edge browsers. We are planning to develop Android and MacOS versions to make it accessible to more users.

Background Application

For the dkPassword extension to function correctly, a background application is required, which needs to be installed separately. The download link for the application is also available within the extension.

Security and Password Selection

Security greatly depends on the quality of the chosen password, so please select a strong password. Using the master password ensures that your passwords are always protected.

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