RSystem - Restaurant system

A system that makes it child’s play to be proficient.

A truly great restaurant system not only provides ease of use for employees and staff, but also saves significant time during installation, so you don’t have to spend hours tinkering with it from the get-go.

With Digitalkey’s restaurant system, the installation process, along with setting up permissions, won’t take up a considerable amount of time that could affect the opening hours. You don’t have to worry about days of lengthy analysis and cumbersome installation procedures that would drain your time. We understand that time is indeed money.

Free updates

Our service includes providing free updates for the system in all cases.

Automatic data backup

The data backup is automatic, and during the setup, you can specify where the backups should be stored. It can be on your own server or on the storage provided by us.

Rental arrangement

Since our system is also available for rental, there is no need to purchase the software; you can lease it from us. Renting can be advantageous as the rental fee can be accounted for as an expense, and there is no significant upfront cost for the system implementation.


At every order (table), it is visible what each person has currently ordered.

Grouping by categories

You can group the products with a simple setting, making it easier to select the desired items.

Table arrangement

Each table can be assigned to separate rooms, allowing us to segregate orders from different rooms

Cost center management

With this function, we can separate the financial data of the restaurant or other hospitality units for later analysis.

Cash register management

Not only customer purchases but also cash movements, including supplier invoice payments, can be recorded.

Operational monitoring

We can monitor the entire operation of the hospitality venue and generate various lists and reports based on this information.

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