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We are well aware that most business leaders consider the efficiency of the management system as one of the fundamental pillars of a truly successful enterprise. If you are forced to work with a mere dataset instead of a transparent database, then it is high time to switch to a system that can provide relevant information tailored to your company's profile.

Attila Budai, CEO


(Multilingual WordPress Menu Plugin)

The CMenu plugin allows us to transform our WordPress site into a multilingual platform.

(Web-based Enterprise Resource Planning System)

Our company’s enterprise management system operates in such a way that you need nothing else but an internet connection, thanks to secure cloud storage. This guarantees protected data storage and allows you to save time and money.

Restaurant system

Today, an eatery, café, pub, or even a pastry shop cannot operate efficiently without using a fast and easy-to-use management system for daily transaction data handling and for the smooth and quick processing of orders.


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