WERP - Web-based Enterprise Resource Planning System

Innovation in Enterprise Resource Planning

Today, enterprise management systems that are not properly aligned with the advancements in information technology no longer provide sufficient opportunities. It is worth leveraging every advantage that arises from not having to store the system’s data on a personal device and not needing separate, let’s say, physical steps for data security.

Our company’s enterprise management system operates in such a way that you only need an internet connection, thanks to secure cloud storage. With this guaranteed protected data storage, you can save time, money, and a significant amount of physical space.

Moreover, and perhaps even more importantly, you don’t have to operate the enterprise management system yourself. Within the framework of our service, Digitalkey Kft. takes care of managing the system for you.

Our system allows users to access it over the internet or intranet, eliminating the need to store any data on their computers. Consequently, there is no need for elaborate security measures because we take care of everything.


Our system is fully customizable, allowing us to accommodate your needs to the fullest extent.

Continuous Development

When you acquired the system, the development did not come to an end. We continuously expand with new features and modules to enhance efficiency and convenience

24/7 Online Accessibility

We ensure uninterrupted operation with high availability. Continuous maintenance, quick issue resolution, secure and protected connections

Our WERP system is built upon the following modules:


Customer/Supplier Invoice Management, Handling Foreign Currency Invoices, Bank Statements, Cash Registers, General Ledger, VAT Reports

Asset Management

Handling of Cartons, Managing Multiple Value Variants, Grouped Cost Calculation option, All accessories are recorded in the registry.

Production Management

Full Production Process Tracking, Defective Product Replacement, Work Order, Finished Goods Reporting (Closure), LOG (Logbook)

Materials Management

Warehouse Movements (Delivery Notes), Multi-level Inventory Management and Reporting, FIFO Inventory Accounting, Inventory Counting, Inventory Subdivision Option

Payroll Processing

Maintenance of Personal Data, Maintenance of Contracts, Automatic Bookkeeping, Custom Payroll Algorithm

Job Sheet Management

Group Time Data Entry, Integration with the Payroll Module


Sales, Customer Orders, Supplier Orders, Disposition Lists, Quotations/Contracts, Automatic Alert Functions


Business Trips

Preparing Travel Expense Reports, Predefined Routes, Calculation Based on Address, Automatic Mileage Calculation, Automatic Fuel Price Retrieval

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